Folk art, textiles, fiber arts; beautiful objects from human hands! Shutter and Shuttle is a photo studio specializing in the photography and videography of textiles and folk arts from around the world. Clients come to us for quality and artistic eye, and usually are interested in one of the following categories:

Every handwoven textile has unique character. It can be the choice of fiber, the color palette, the weave structure, the drape of the material, embellishment, or any combination. A true object of (folk) art, it expresses a vision the weaver has, and often his or her cultural background. Those of us who own and cherish handwoven textiles tend to not only admire them for their artistic beauty and the skill of the weaver, but often feel – through the cloth – a personal connection to weaver, even if the weaver lived decades before we were born.

At Shutter and Shuttle, we pride ourselves on recognizing these personal connections and capturing the respect these pieces deserve, in our photographs and videos.