Increasingly, instructors are interested in filming their classes and augmenting their teaching in person with distributing their recorded classes on DVD, or over the internet. This vastly expands the audience, and the students who attended one of the instructor’s classes in person can later go back and refresh what they learned.

The technology to produce low-cost instructional videos is available now. Nevertheless, producing a film with professional aspirations requires some experience with the process of film-making to avoid the 'gotchas' that cost time and delay the project. At the Shutter and the Shuttle we can guide you through the whole process, starting with the lesson plan, all the way through to the finished DVD or streaming video.

You can choose to hire the Shutter and the Shuttle for the whole process from start to finish, or the Shutter and the Shuttle can be a member of your production team, filling whichever role you select.

Our services include:

  • Pre-production planning: Deriving a master board from the lesson plan, outlining a sequence of scenes, selecting camera angles and movement, planning the order of the shoots, choosing setting and location, locating content for additional sound tracks, etc.
  • Videography: Recording high-definition video and sound.
  • Animations and graphics: Create still or animated graphics to supplement the video and illustrate critical parts of the lesson.
  • DVD production: Design cover art for the DVD and the case, submit content to DVD manufacturing service.
  • Online streaming: Upload the completed video to the steaming service of your choice.

Sample Portfolio

The sample below are previews / trailers for some of my client's videos.

The full video is available at Taproot Video. You can learn more about backstrap weaving at Laverne's blog.

The full video is available at Taproot Video. You can learn more about international folk arts in general and paper stars in particular at Marilyn's website.